26 May

Life at the Cottage

I was recently commissioned by a client to make a stained glass panel, with bevels and clear art glass, to hang in her sunny kitchen window at the cottage. She loved the completed piece and sent me pictures and “the story” behind her cottage. It is charming, and I share it here:

“Our cottage has a rich family history. My parents became cottagers more than 60 years ago. My two brothers, my sister and I spent every summer there growing up. My siblings now all have their own cottages, all within a stone’s throw of the original cottage. Most of the grandchildren all grew up there as well. I eventually inherited the family cottage. It was in rough shape when I got it, so for the past several years I have learned a lot about renovations and decorating.

One of the most enjoyable things I’ve discovered is decorating with light. I began with my Mom’s beautiful light as a focal point for the dining room. Then I added  LED pot lighting in the kitchen and a storm door with beveled glass paneled windows. I had small crystal prisms hanging in the kitchen window, and the windows and door each threw different light patterns and rainbows throughout the cottage when the sun shone through.

One day I saw Laurie Spieker’s gorgeous clear patterned glass artwork at Uptown Gallery in Waterloo, and I decided I HAD to have one for my kitchen window, as it would further enhance the patterns of light. The small crystal prisms still dance with rainbows and Laurie’s beautiful glass artwork now showcases my kitchen window as a centerpiece of light next to my beveled glass door!”

Sparkling Glass at the Cottage