31 Mar

2020 / March Madness

The world changed and this title is apt, due to COVID-19.
Like you, we are doing our part to #flattenthecurve as we protect our vulnerable senior in long term care, our family and our community at large.
#physicaldistance #washyourhands #closedbutstillawesome
Life right now is Not Normal, but a New Normal is awaiting us!
I hope these images provide a break from your regular program!


The world clock is ticking!


Lacey contrast


Detail of a terrarium, made long ago!


Katinka & Paul, colourful and beautiful #studentsuccess!


Learning about traditional #glasspainting



Experiments with #glassmatting #nest


Experiments with #glassmatting #salamander


Experiments with #glassmatting


This glass #blank produced a qualified success in a flat cane murrine pull.

Gala Parisien 1920 The Clay & Glass Gala

Gala Parisien 1920
The Clay & Glass Gala

Eiffel Tower #flatcane Under Construction

Eiffel Tower #flatcane
Under Construction

Spring is here!

Spring is here!

#springbaby #ephemeral #hope

#springbaby #ephemeral #hope


Let’s all be practical about virus risks and preventive protocols, but maintain our #cool like these #WildTurkeys


28 Feb

2020 / February Feels

February was “heartful” with Valentine’s Day and Family Day close after.
As February snowily roars away, I feel grateful for family, friends, customers, tropical flowers, health, good food and laughter.
(We have managed to avoid the plague!)
Enjoy! See you after Intercalary Day!

Wabisabi – accept imperfection!

Twilight Cardinal

Fresh Murrine!

Is there a #PlagueDoctor in the house?
Made by Maya

Pink Irridescent Kokomo glass with a perfectly pink jewel ♥

Glass letters – RBG!

Notorious RBG ♥
Made by Catrina

Murrine Experiments!

February Sunshine & Dalle de Verre!

Flowers for February!


31 Jan

2020 / January Jottings

Warm and welcoming greetings to new and returning customers to Grand River Glassworks.  I thank you for the business and friendship I enjoyed in 2019!
At the close of January, I celebrate the art of my customers (all lovely and talented people), the beauty of our natural winter world, and the return of Maggie our part-time shop dog, with her mom!  Maggie is chill about sharing her space with our full-time shop fish, Golden Gilbert.
Enjoy, see you in February!


Goodbye 2019!


Warm winter greetings!


New Year’s Day


Window Views

Lady in the Woods, detail

Lady in the Woods, detail


My first foray into painting faces


Klimt’s Blue Lady (Portrait of Emilie Flöge), another masterpiece by Louise L


Golden Gilbert in his Pineapple abode




Ahoy Matey!


Superman is foiled but unfired! A SUPER project by Barry S.


Superman is finished!


We love Charley Harper!


Maggie is back!

23 Jun


Life handed us some lemons. We lost two dear parents in quick succession. The lemonade is still bitter, but shared grief, support, love and laughter is slowly working sweet magic.
Don’t forget to share your love, humanity, and compassion with your family, your friends  and your community.
Always make lemonade!

Lemonade from Lemons!

Lemonade from Lemons!
Make the most of what you have!

22 Dec

Finding the Beauty in Glass

I do love to talk about beautiful art glass, the blessing that is my beautiful studio space, and my art – check out the article that appeared in The Waterloo Chronicle, in the link below.
As this year draws to a close and a New Year begins, don’t forget to add beauty to your life!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Read more about Grand River Glassworks here:
Finding the Beauty in Glass

Finding the Beauty in Glass

Finding the Beauty in Glass

07 Oct

What are you Thankful for?

We have much to be thankful for in our peaceful and beautiful country, among peaceful and warm-hearted people. Earlier this week I was thankful to spy this beautiful Late Bloomer, keeping company with the vines and fall grapes.
Wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving!



29 Jul

The Tree as Poem

“For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver.” Martin Luther

Trees inspire me daily and I am happy to send this new creation – with its sparkling clear canopy and richly coloured border and trunk – along with its owners to grace their home, their kitchen and their hearts.

26 May

Life at the Cottage

I was recently commissioned by a client to make a stained glass panel, with bevels and clear art glass, to hang in her sunny kitchen window at the cottage. She loved the completed piece and sent me pictures and “the story” behind her cottage. It is charming, and I share it here:

“Our cottage has a rich family history. My parents became cottagers more than 60 years ago. My two brothers, my sister and I spent every summer there growing up. My siblings now all have their own cottages, all within a stone’s throw of the original cottage. Most of the grandchildren all grew up there as well. I eventually inherited the family cottage. It was in rough shape when I got it, so for the past several years I have learned a lot about renovations and decorating.

One of the most enjoyable things I’ve discovered is decorating with light. I began with my Mom’s beautiful light as a focal point for the dining room. Then I added  LED pot lighting in the kitchen and a storm door with beveled glass paneled windows. I had small crystal prisms hanging in the kitchen window, and the windows and door each threw different light patterns and rainbows throughout the cottage when the sun shone through.

One day I saw Laurie Spieker’s gorgeous clear patterned glass artwork at Uptown Gallery in Waterloo, and I decided I HAD to have one for my kitchen window, as it would further enhance the patterns of light. The small crystal prisms still dance with rainbows and Laurie’s beautiful glass artwork now showcases my kitchen window as a centerpiece of light next to my beveled glass door!”

Sparkling Glass at the Cottage


18 May


What a beautiful, warm and sunny day to attend the Empty Bowls fundraiser benefiting the Food Bank of Waterloo Region. I lunched with my sweetie Audrey and friends Jeannine and Laura and enjoyed fabulous and flavourful gourmet soups and breads. It was wonderful!
Many thanks to @WaterlooPotters and @CdnClayandGlass.
@FoodBankWatReg #kwawesome

Empty Bowls, supporting the Food Bank of Waterloo Region

Empty Bowls, supporting the Food Bank of Waterloo Region

22 Apr


When we tug at a single thing in nature, we find it attached to the rest of the world. (John Muir)
Happy #EarthDay2017

Earth Day Bowls; ready for Earth Day and pickup!

Earth Day Bowls; ready for Earth Day and pickup!

Wild Bleeding Heart, a splash of arcing white beauty in the woods

Wild Bleeding Heart, a splash of arcing white beauty in the woods